Silverwest Hotel Fund I

Silverwest’s initial hotel fund was capitalized in 2015 with three initial assets including the Hampton Silverthorne, the Element Basalt-Aspen, and the Waikoloa Beach Marriott. Despite the impacts of the pandemic, each of these assets has performed well in excess of their respective underwritings.

In February 2022, Silverwest recapitalized the Waikoloa Beach Marriott at a significantly appreciated value which allowed the Fund and other investors seeking an exit an excellent realized return. The recapitalization included funding for Silverwest’s Kauai development project both owned by Silverwest Hawaii Holdings. This transaction launched the next phase of Silverwest’s portfolio growth.

In mid-2021 the Fund sold a three-hotel limited service portfolio in San Antonio. The exit from the portfolio was successful for the Fund, allowing a return on invested capital and achieving fair value market dispositions. The sale also afforded the Fund an opportunity to deploy capital to other assets where those markets were able to recover faster. Silverwest’s prudent management of capital allocation enhance the Fund’s ultimate portfolio returns.